Check out the Planet Ark's 'How To' videos.

Costa's Guide to Composting At Home

Presented by Planet Ark ambassador Costa Georgiadis of ABC's Gardening Australia, this video tutorial will help you get started on composting and worm farming at home.

Swap Party Survival Guide

Video guide featuring Melissa Doyle, Big Aussie Swap Ambassador and co-host of Sunrise on Seven, explaining all you need to know about Swap Parties.

Friday File Fling Guide

Find out how the Fling works in this video. It's a fun office activity with a positive environmental outcome.

Recycle Right Videos

The videos below show the various ways you can 'Recycle Right' at home and at work.

Find out how good a recycler you are with James Treble and Planet Ark

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Sorting your recycling

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Contamination of Recycling

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E-Waste Recycling

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Hazardous Waste Disposal

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Office Products Recycling

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Plastic Bags in Recycled Waste

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Plastics recycling

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Recycle Right

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Recycling Organics

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