Man recycling outside at kerbside © Planet Ark

Man recycling outside at kerbside

What are the benefits of recycling?

Whilst most people know that recycling has environmental benefits, what is less well known is that it also benefits the Australian economy as well as the people doing the recycling.

For the planet

  • Reusing the resources that we already have means fewer raw materials need to be mined, drilled and harvested
  • Manufacturing new products from recycled materials uses less energy compared to the use of virgin materials. Recycling one tonne of plastic saves enough energy to power 31 homes for a month!

For profit

  • Recycling creates 9.2 jobs for every 2.8 jobs in landfilling.
  • Australian Paper’s new recycling plant in Victoria can process 80,000 tonnes of waste paper and provides 246 permanent green jobs. 

For people

  • Recycling makes you happy! A study across 27 countries found that people who recycle have higher life satisfaction levels and are overall happier people.

Take action

  • Be the person who recycles, don’t rely on someone else in the house doing it or you will not gain those precious happiness and life satisfaction effects.
  • Look for products made from recycled materials, buying these items helps create an economic incentive for businesses to use materials with recycled content:


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