Battery Waste

These are accepted at ALDI stores, along with D and 9V batteries © Planet Ark

Batteries (single-use, rechargeable and car/industrial) are electrical devices consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. We are surrounded by them!

The Problem

Only 4% of handheld batteries (by count) are recycled every year but 80% of Australians think that end-of-life batteries should be recycled.

  • Batteries are the most common form of household hazardous waste, containing metals toxic to human health and the environment.
  • In total, around 11,000 tonnes of handheld, automotive and industrial batteries are estimated to end up in landfill every year.
  • As batteries start to break down in landfill, the heavy metals they contain can leach into surface and groundwater, polluting soil and water, and harming humans and wildlife.

The Revolution

aldi battery recycling

In the first 12 months of the ALDI Activ Energy Battery Recycling Program, 28 tonnes of household batteries were collected for recycling.

  • The biggest revolution in battery recycling in Australia has been the development of widespread and free battery collection schemes.
  • In the absence of government legislation forcing manufacturers to take responsibility for the items they produce, some retailers, like ALDI and Battery World, have taken the lead.
  • In 2008, Century Yuasa Batteries introduced a used lead acid battery recycling program that enables customers and groups to return batteries to over 900 Century Yuasa Battery Recycling Centres across Australia.
  • According to industry estimates, nine out of ten car batteries are now recycled.

Join the Revolution!

recycle household batteries recycle car batteries

  • If you don't have an ALDI, Battery World or Century Yuasa Battery Recycling Centre nearby, visit RecyclingNearYou to find your closest battery recycling option. If you're a business, visit BusinessRecycling to find a local commercial recycling service.
  • Significantly reduce your battery waste by using rechargeable batteries. Each battery can be recharged up to 1000 times, saving money and reducing pollution.

You can download the full Recycling Revolution Report below.