Recycling is a constantly evolving industry, with new initiatives and technologies in continual development.

Planet Ark's National Recycling Week report titled All Sorted – Answering the Big Recycling Questions, addresses seven of the big recycling questions, with the aim of getting ‘recycling sorted’ in Australian homes and workplaces.

Question 1What happens to my recycling? 

Understanding where recycling goes and how it’s sorted helps dispel myths and clarify why certain rules exist.

Question 2What are the benefits of recycling?

More than 9 jobs are created in recycling for every two jobs in landfilling. Recycling is good for the planet, for profits and for people.

Question 3Who pays for recycling? 

More than 29 million cartridges have been recycled though ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ all paid for by the manufacturers. Individuals, households, government and business all contribute to the cost of recycling.

Most common mistakesWhat are the most common recycling mistakes?

Find out what nine out of ten councils identified as the number one recycling mistake with 92% identifying it as a big problem for them. There are easy actions you can take to correct those mistakes.

Recycling at workHow do we make recycling at work, work? 

Replacing a single recycling bin with desktop paper trays increased the recycling rate for paper from 28% to 94%. Simple actions can have a big impact at work.

Question 6How does Australia’s recycling compare to the rest of the world?

51% of household waste in Australia is recycled compared to 65% in Germany. Find out how we compare on batteries and e-waste.

The future...What is the future of recycling?

Population growth, the Australian Recycling Label, government legislation, better business practices and container deposit are all driving the future of recycling.

All Sorted: Answering the Big Recycling Questions - The Report

Read the full report to find out the the Big Answers!

The report draws on information and statistics from a wide range of Australian and international reports and includes the results of a Planet Ark survey of 115 councils across Australia.