Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers

Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers Factsheet - Click to download © Planet Ark

Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers Factsheet - Click to download

For National Recycling Week this year Planet Ark is lifting the lid on Australia's successful recyclers. We find out what makes them so successful.

To be a successful recycler...

Secret1Know The Facts

Be among the 33% of Australians who know that empty aerosol cans are recyclable and that Pringles tubes, biscuit packets and broken glasses can't go in home recycling bins.

Secret2Do It In The Bathroom

Be among the 20% of people who have recycling bins in their bathroom to collect all the aerosol cans and shampoo bottles they use there.

Secret3Don't Bag It

Be among the 77% of Australians who never put their recycling in plastic bags, as they know that recycling in plastic bags can't be processed and that it ends up in landfill.

Don't bag itDo It In Public

Be among the 74% of Australians who get frustrated when they can't find a recycling bin when out so they look for one of the thousands of Australian Packaging Covenant and council provided recycling bins located at parks, beaches and shopping centres.

Take It To Work

Be among the 78% of people who feel good that their employer provides recycling services and they take their good recycling habits from home to work.

Think Outside The Bin

Remember that sending valuable items like used electronics to landfill is a waste of resources so recycle them with free and responsible programs like ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' and MobileMuster.

Buy It Back

Finish the job of recycling by buying products made from recycled material whether for everyday use, like office paper and toilet paper, or for special projects like carpet underlay and recycled wood.

Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers - The Report

Read the full report to find out the Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers.