Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers

These bins are made from recycled printer cartridges. Using different sized openings reduces contamination. © Planet Ark

These bins are made from recycled printer cartridges. Using different sized openings reduces contamination.

Do It In Public

Australians are so used to having access to recycling that three in four (74%) feel frustration when they can't find recycling facilities when they are out at the beach, park or shopping centre.

Councils, state governments, businesses, and industry groups are increasingly focusing on providing away from home recycling services to capture bottles, cans, cartons, and other recyclable items. Key to the growth in public place recycling bins is the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), an alliance of governments, environment groups, and businesses, has undertaken a program to dramatically increase the number of public place recycling bins. Since 2011, the APC has provided funding for the installation of over 2,500 recycling bins across Australia, in shopping centres, tourist areas, entertainment venues, and universities.

Some examples show the impressive environmental results that can be achieved by public place recycling:

  • Waverley Council in NSW installed water refill stations and recycling bins on the promenades of its beaches (including Bondi), along with staff to direct visitors to them, which resulted in a 27% reduction in plastic bottle litter.
  • Gold Coast Botanic Gardens in Queensland installed recycling bins with the aim of diverting 15 tonnes of recyclables from landfill each year.
  • Westfield installed recycling bins in 36 shopping centres, which has resulted in 1,492 tonnes of packaging being recycled each year, the equivalent of 62 million containers.

Get in on the secret

  • Keep your eye out for recycling bins when at the shops, park or beach.
  • Make sure you use the bin correctly - follow the signage.
If there are no bins available, take your items home with you for recycling


See Secret #3: Don't Bag It


See Secret #5: Take It To Work

  • Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers Report ( 4.47MB pdf file)
    This report for National Recycling Week 2014 lifts the lid on what makes a successful recycler, with each section focusing on actions that someone can take to be more successful.