Fling Then Finish The Job - National Recycling Week News

Fling Then Finish The Job

Date: 14-Nov-14
Author: Ryan Collins

This week thousands of people in workplaces all over Australia are getting to together for an office fling - a Friday File Fling that is.

There are literally thousands of tonnes of good quality paper stored in desk drawers and filing cabinets that will never be read again. The idea behind the Fling is simple, put time aside on or around the Friday of National Recycling Week (14th November) to go through the old papers, get them into a recycling bin and de-clutter your workplace.

A Fling should be considered the start of a loop, with your paper going in the bin, then to a recycling plant and then you buying back as a new ream with a high recycled content.

Currently, with a recycling rate of 68% Australians are pretty good at recycling office paper but when it comes to finishing the job and buying it back we're not doing as well; only 18% of new reams have any recycled content.

It seems that part of the reason for this lower uptake is a lingering perception that recycled paper is of lower quality to paper made from new materials. With developments in technology, it is now almost impossible to tell the difference.

The good news is over the past year sales of Reflex 50% recycled grew by 112% as more businesses and householders made the switch. Additionally, Australian Paper, the makers of Reflex White 50, 80 and 100% Recycled paper are about to open a new $90 million de-inking and recycling plant in Victoria that will divert 80,000 tonnes of paper from landfill each year and that contributes to the development of green infrastructure in Australia.

Planet Ark's Make It Recycled partnership with Australian Paper aims to encourage a switch to Australian made recycled paper.


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