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Swap Til You Drop

Date: 07-Nov-14
Author: Claire Grant

Swap Party © Planet Ark

How many items of clothes do you have in your wardrobe that never get worn? Or books, bags or games you no longer want but can't bear to throw in the bin? Then maybe what you need is to find a swap party so you can give away unwanted items and pick up other ones for free.

Since 2008 Planet Ark has been encouraging councils and individuals to hold Big Aussie Swap Parties during National Recycling Week (10-16 November) as a fun way to keep good quality items in circulation, to encourage re-use and to keep them out of landfill. 

Making clothes, toys, books and other items has an environmental impact of some kind.  Swapping them when you're finished with them is a great way to minimise this impact by extending the useful life of the product. Check out our ‘Crop to Swap' video which follows the journey of a pair of jeans from crop to swap and shows why swapping is such a good idea. 

Find An Event

This National Recycling Week councils have registered Swap Parties all around the country. Listed below are a number of them including:

Use the Find an Event function to look for a Swap Party or other Recycling Week activity in your area. 

Host Your Own

If you can't find a event near you or you just what to have a go at hosting your own Swap Party we've put together a couple of How To guides and other resources to help you out. 

Happy swapping.


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