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How to (nicely) tell your neighbours 'Don't Bag It'

Date: 28-Oct-14
Author: Brad Gray

Don't Bag It


Do you get annoyed finding recyclables in plastic bags when you go to the bin? New research shows that lots of people who put their recycling in the bin in a bag genuinely think the items will be recycled.  Unfortunately they're wrong, recycling in plastic bags ends up in landfill. 

Almost all Australians have access to a kerbside recycling bin and almost everyone recycles correctly.  However, the Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers report shows that

  • Nearly a quarter of Australians (23%) sometimes or always put their recycling in the bin inside a plastic bag
  • More than half (51%) of people who always put their recycling in a bag believe the items are recycled and
  • People living in units or townhouses (who share a bin with their neighbours) are more than twice as likely to put their recycling in plastic bags (37%) than people living in detached houses who have their own bin (16%).

The plastic bag prevents the recyclable items being correctly sorted when they get to the material recovery facility (MRF).  Items must be loose in the bin to be recycled.

We've developed a simple, positive and friendly message that you can share with your neighbours (or friends and family) to let them know that recycling in plastic goes to landfill.  Just print off the poster and stick it to the bin or send it as an e-mail.  Easy!

                                               Get the Poster

Then share your positive action with us by positing a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instragam and hashtagging #NationalRecyclingWeek. 

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