Recycle Your Mobile Phone Securely - National Recycling Week News

Recycle Your Mobile Phone Securely

Date: 09-Nov-11
Author: Lucy Band

For National Recycling Week (7-13 November), MobileMuster  asked mobile phone owners what concerned them most about recycling their old or broken mobile phone. The results showed that 65 per cent worried that someone could access and use their information and a further 36 per cent thought they might require the data at a later date.

While names and contact details, photos and text messages can be commonly found on mobile phones, there is an increase in sensitive information such as work emails (47 per cent) passwords (28 per cent), documents and spreadsheets (21 per cent) and bank details (15 per cent) stored on mobiles.

"Australian's clearly value the data on their mobile phones. However, 27 per cent of the survey participants stated that they did not know how to delete the information. A further 19 per cent did not know how to transfer or save the data from their current phone," says Ms Read.

Deleting Your Data

"Deleting or saving the data from an old mobile phone is easier than people think. Australians can simply go to the handset manufacturer's website or call its helpline for guidance on how to delete or save their data," says Ms Read.

Mobile phone users should feel confident knowing that all mobile phones and sim cards handed in to MobileMuster for recycling are completely destroyed during the recycling process.

"Every mobile phone and accessory is dismantled here in Australia prior to being processed for material recovery. None are refurbished or resold," says Ms Read.

"Don't let the data on your old mobile phones stop you from doing something great for the environment this National Recycling Week. Teach yourself how to delete or save the information from your unused mobile phone and recycle it today with MobileMuster," concludes Ms Read.

How to Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Recycling an old mobile phone this National Recycling Week is free and easy, simply:

  1. Hand your old phone in at any mobile phone retailer or MobileMuster local collection point - to find your nearest one go to or call 1300 730 070
  2. Post your phone by either picking up a free MobileMuster recycling satchel from Australia Post or printing off a reply paid mailing label from

*MobileMuster surveyed 218 individuals over 18 years old from 3-6 November, 2011.

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