Making Fling Notebooks

FFF Notebook Cover - PA

Woman using Fling notebook © Zo Zhou

There is a range of re-use and recycling options for the office paper you recover. The re-use options have a higher environmental benefit, since you avoid buying more paper.

One re-use option is to make Friday File Fling Notebooks branded with your company logo from the single-sided paper you recover. Not only does this make good use of resources, it helps to promote your organisation’s commitment to sustainability.

To make the Notebooks, download the adaptable Notebook Cover below. For instructions on assembling the Notebooks and other ways to re-use and recycle the recovered paper, download the Friday File Fling Step-By-Step Guide.


  • FFF Notebook Cover ( 71kb pdf file)
    Unwanted, single-side printed paper can be bound into a Notebook. Try this adaptable Notebook Cover for size!