Fling Promotional Posters

Click to download the 2017 poster.

Click to download the 2017 poster.

There are a range of adaptable posters for download, to promote the Friday File Fling in your office.

Customising Your Poster

The adaptable poster can be customised by pasting in your logo along with details of your event. Alternatively posters can be printed and details written on.

  1. Download the Adaptable Poster to the right if your event is on the official date, otherwise download the pdf poster below and enter your date
  2. Open the poster in Adobe Acrobat or similar program.
  3. Copy and paste your business name or logo into the adaptable fields (the logo area lines will not print).
  4. Add details for your event such as: where the paper re-use/recycling collection will be located, any afternoon tea details, contact person.
  5. Save your poster and email or print as required. The poster can be printed in A3 or A4 - either on a colour printer or professionally. 
  6. Re-use or recycle the posters after use.

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