Adaptable Email

This email can be used to promote the Friday File Fling event to your staff/colleagues.


Simply cut and paste the text below into an e-mail, insert or delete the relevant details for your event, and circulate. You will need to re-format the e-mail within your specific e-mail program with your usual fonts etc.

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Join Our Office Fling
[Insert your company name] is proud to be participating in Planet Ark's Friday File Fling.

There are literally thousands of tonnes of office paper stored in files around Australia that will never be used again. So we are participating in the National Recycling Week event to get good quality paper back into circulation.

On Friday 17 November [or insert other date] put aside [insert time/hours] and clear out your unused files.

[If you are making Notebooks from the paper] Take good quality single-sided paper to [insert location] for it to be made into re-used paper Notebooks.

Used, damaged or double-sided paper should be placed in the recycling bins located [insert location eg in the usual locations/near the photo copiers/...].

We will also be [insert other activities eg collecting used printer cartridges, mobile phones, batteries, corks etc] for recycling. Take them to [insert location] and put them in the collection boxes provided.

[Morning/Afternoon tea/drinks] will be served [insert location].


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