Host a Friday File Fling

A huge thanks to all the organisations who took time out in 2016 to host a Friday File Fling, recycling tons of paper, de-cluttering offices and ensuring paper goes back into the recycling stream. 

 Check out everyone who had a Fling last year.

Only around 1 in every 10 sheets of office paper gets recycled. Much of it ends up 'stored' in files that will never be read again. By hosting a Friday File Fling, you can declutter your office and get good, reusable office paper back into circulation.

Friday File Flings are a great team engagement activity to hold anytime throughout the year. All you need to do is set some time aside and encourage your team, office, or organisation to clear out their files and get good quality office paper back in to circulation. Fridays are great, as it's easier to get staff involved and to combine the fling with afternoon tea or drinks.

By participating in the Friday File Fling, we can tell you how many litres of water and kilos of carbon dioxide you have saved from the paper you recycle. Learn how to Host a Fling from by watching the Video Guide.

Find everything you need to plan and promote an office 'Fling' in the pages below.

Sign Up Your Workplace

Join in the Friday File Fling and register your office, department or organisation.

How To Host A Fling

Everything you need to know to host a Friday File Fling in your workplace, in a handy Step-By-Step Guide.

Promotional Resources

Download a range of promotional materials to organise and promote your Friday File Fling.

Participating Businesses

Check out the list of businesses, universities and organisations who have registered their Friday File Fling.

How to Host a Friday File Fling

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