National Recycling Week Events - Composting and Bokashi Workshop

Composting and Bokashi Workshop

Date: 18-Nov-17
Address: Willetton Community Garden
Rostrata Avenue
City: Willetton WA
Category: Workshop/Seminar

Rob Gulley teaches the Twin Bin composting method, an excellent way to for householders to turn their kitchen scraps, weeds, etc. into a good volume of great fertiliser. For people with small garden space or with worm farms Brenda will also teach residents about the bokashi kitchen composting method that will fertilise soil and create highly nutritious liquid to use around the home and garden. 

Registration details RSVP by: Friday, 17 November, 2017  on 08 6229 4435

Contact for further information
Name Sustainability Officer, Kylie Wrigley 
Phone Number  08 6229 4435