National Recycling Week Events - Can plastic be fantastic?

Can plastic be fantastic?

Date: 2.00-3.30pm
Address: 96 Reserve Road Beaumaris
City: Beaumaris Vic
Category: Workshop/Seminar

Large Hall


Speaker 1        

Bayside Council | Sustainability | Julian Donlen 

Speaker  2

David Cocks from MRA Consulting 

Speaker 3.       

Liz Kaskell from REDcycle 

Thinking Green  | Reducing plastic in everyday living. Is your life a little too plastic? Would you like to slim down your bin?

Did you know that 7,150 fully recyclable plastic bags go to landfill in the country EVERY MINUTE? That’s almost half a million EVERY HOUR! So much everyday plastic can be avoided and so many unavoidable plastics like bread bags can be easily recycled in your area! Join Liz Kasell from REDcycle who will tell you how and more!

Speaker  4       

Kelvin from Replas

We would discuss "the pull through effect" that highlights how essential it is for the community and councils to be supportive of the end product to ensure the collection of plastic can both occur and grow. This looks at the value of waste, how community collected waste is transformed into everyday products that serve in being long lasting, low in maintenance and sustainable, We will also address " where does your waste go if it isn't being recycled and made into a product?".


Small Hall


Recycling Craft /Displays Stands | Small Hall Beaumaris 

Bron from Bron's Art – recycling activity


Stands / Displays in Large Hall  

1.        Copper Rock | tip and recycling facilities                         

2.        Council Talk about Blue bins                       

3.   Gould League and Recycle Near You 


Venue Beaumaris Library

Contact for further information 

Name Liz Craker

Phone Number 9589 8444


Sunday 19th November 

Bayside City Council