National Recycling Week Events - The Plastic Lid Project

The Plastic Lid Project

Date: 05-Nov-18
Address: Hawkesbury Central Library, George St, Windsor
City: Windsor NSW
Category: Exhibition (eg art)

The Plastic Lid Project (TPLP) is raising awareness of the impacts of plastic waste, raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and encouraging individuals and communities to be more mindful with their waste.

Over 5,000 people have been involved in collecting lids for TPLP over the past year with an expected 10,000 people exposed to the project. Over 1,000 Western Sydney University students and staff over 8 campuses, 19 businesses, 3 music festivals, a youth group, a school with 1,200 students, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Western Sydney, The Academy at Western Sydney University, and the Tomra Cleanway Return & Earn Scheme were involved.

Through TPLP, thousands of plastic lids were collected for a large-scale artwork called ‘Drowning in Plastic’. The artwork, primarily made from plastic lids, is a tangible illustration of the epidemic of plastic waste in our oceans and highlights the need to press for environmental sustainability. 

Hawkesbury City Council