Adaptable Text

Below you will find information to help you promote your Big Aussie Swap Party to your residents. Feel free to adapt the text to suit your needs and the media you are using.

There is also information about hosting Collection Stations at your event for recyclable items including printer cartridges, batteries or mobile phones.

Simply cut and paste the text into a word document and edit as necessary.

Big Aussie Swap

How can you update your [delete unnecessary items] wardrobe, book and music collection, kids toy box or toolshed for free? Join Aussies from around the country and come along to the Big Aussie Swap Party! To celebrate National Recycling Week, [insert Council/Organisation name] is teaming up with Planet Ark to bring you the Big Aussie Swap.

At a Swap Party you bring along [insert number] clean, good quality items you no longer want. Hand them over to the staff or volunteers in exchange for a token. You then browse through items brought by others. Once the Swap is declared ‘open', you swap your tokens back for items you want.

If two or more people want the same items, staff will referee a game Paper-Scissors-Rock, flip a coin or another game. No money changes hand and you don't need to barter with anyone.

Your items will be assessed for quality at the registration desk.

Swap Parties are fun, free and green. By swapping, you help save water and energy, reduce greenhouse gasses and keep valuable resources out of landfill. 

The details for [Insert Council/Organisation name]'s Big Aussie Swap are:

  • Day and Date;
  • Time; [include both pre-registration and opening time]
  • Location;
  • What can be swapped; [Specify the number of items and the desired condition - using positive terms like ‘quality', ‘good condition', ‘clean'. Specify which items are not accepted eg ‘No electricals.']
  • Transport;
  • Special Requirements; [Outline any special requirements eg ‘Bring a reusable bag to take home your new treasures'.]

Collection Stations

There will be collection stations set up at the Big Aussie Swap to help you recycle your used [add or delete as relevant]

  • Printer cartridges,
  • Batteries,
  • Compact fluro light globes  (CFLs) and
  • Mobile phones.

Just being them along and drop them in the appropriate collection box and we'll have them recycled. Recycling helps keep valuable resources in circulation and toxic materials out of the environment.

[If council has a regular collection for these items you can use this event to promote that.]