'Question and Answer' Quiz Posters

How to use the Quiz Posters © Planet Ark

How to use the Quiz Posters


The National Recycling Week Council Input Survey conducted in August 2008 showed that community information stalls, at shopping centres, schools and events were rated as one of the most successful community engagement and education activities undertaken by Councils. In their responses to the survey a number of council respondents requested resources that assisted them in drawing greater numbers of residents/students to their stalls.

Using the Posters

These downloadable and printable posters have been designed to be adaptable to specific council needs. There are posters on seven topics as well as related questions. Choose the topics that suit your council’s aims and objectives.

The posters can be produced on a colour printer or off-set printer. They are scaled to print up to A3 size.  

The ‘Question’ poster should be attached to the front of the ‘Answer’ poster. When the resident has read the questions they can lift the first poster to reveal the answer. Blu tack or Velcro dots can be used to affix the posters together. By sticking them together at the top the ‘Question’ can be lifted to reveal the ‘Answer’ (see photo).

Using the Questions

The questions can be copied and laid out into a word document with space for residents/students to write in the answers.  

You may wish to use the completed quiz form as an entry form for a competition – ensuring space is made name and contact details. By adding space for e-mail or other contact details the form can be used sign residents up for electronic or other newsletters.    

The National Recycling Week Logo (along with the RecyclingNearYou and the Recycling Hotline logos) are available to download from this site.