How-To Guide For Councils Hosting a Big Aussie Swap

Happy clothes swapper at a Big Aussie Swap © Zo Zhou

Download the comprehensive 'Big Aussie Swap Survival Guide' for everything you need to know to host a successful Big Aussie Swap Party for National Recycling Week. The Guide covers:

  • What is a Swap Party?
  • Getting started
  • Format and budget
  • Planning your Swap Party
  • Running the Swap
  • Communications and marketing
  • After the event

Download below the Swap Party Case Study from Hornsby Council who held their first Clothing Swap Party in 2008 - and have developed their methods for promoting, running and evaluating their swaps in the three swap events they have run since then.

  • Swap Party Case Study Hornsby Council ( 499kb pdf file)
    Hornsby Council trialled a Clothing Swap Party for NRW08. It proved such a success, they have hosted three more since then. Read about their project experiences and learnings along the way.
  • Council Swap Party Guide ( 1.38MB pdf file)
    Council Big Aussie Swap Party Survival Guide contains all you need to know to hold a successful Swap Party for your residents.