Activities and Events

The Save Energy Expo Stall © Planet Ark

The Save Energy Expo Stall

The greater the direct involvement people have in something, the greater their understanding and commitment will be. To encourage greater engagement with recycling, councils and community groups can develop activities that bring communities together and provide educational opportunities. The activities outlined in these pages have proven success in both promoting reuse or recycling, as well as promoting community engagement.

Check out the Council Activity Guide for a range of NRW activities that other councils have recommended, along with info to help you propose, plan and run it. In addition to those listed below (Big Aussie Swap Party, Stalls & Quizzes, and Friday File Fling), suggested activites and events include:

  • MRF Tours,
  • Composting Workshops,
  • E-Waste Program Promotion,
  • Kids' Activities,
  • Second-Hand Saturdays and more.

Big Aussie Swap Party

To celebrate National Recycling Week 2017 Planet Ark is inviting every council and community group in Australia to participate in the Big Aussie Swap by hosting a public Swap Party. This is a unique, nation-wide opportunity for local governments to show their ongoing commitment to raising the profile of reuse and recycling initiatives.

Stalls & Quizzes

Community information stalls, at shopping centres, schools and events were rated as one of the most successful community engagement and education activities undertaken by councils.

Friday File Fling

Hold a Friday File Fling in your office or promote it to local businesses. Huge amounts of good quality office paper are 'stored' in files that will never be read again. Set aside some time for staff to clean out their files and get that paper back into circulation - to be reused or recycled.