Creating outdoor furniture from soft plastics



As Australia’s leading manufacturer of products made from recycled soft plastics, innovation is core to Replasbusiness.

The 20 year old business has over 200 recycled plastic products on offer in Australia and is constantly pushing the envelope in their drive to provide solutions for plastic waste. Their range spans durable outdoor furniture, bollards, fitness equipment, decking and traffic control products.

Their energy efficient processes saves around three quarters of the power needed to make virgin plastic. Their products are reducing landfill and saving natural resources – and are available at a price point that is as competitive as virgin materials

Much of the plastic they source comes through their partnership with REDcycle, which collects soft plastics from retailers like Coles and Woolworths. Their 1.8m seat, which weighs around 31kg, contains an estimated 7,750 recycled soft plastic bags!

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