Workplace Review

Doing a waste audit is a great starting point for addressing the waste sent from your workplace to landfill and increasing the quantity of materials recycled. It can be a great staff engagement activity, which not only is saving precious resources but could also save your business money and boost staff morale.

Recycling at Work

Over the last few years more workplaces have been increasing their recycling rates as part of their overall sustainability strategy.

There is a surprisingly long list of materials that can be recycled from the workplace. These include:

  • Office paper
  • Newsprint, magazines, cardboard, phonebooks
  • Glass and plastic bottles and jars
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • E-waste including computers, printers, printer cartridges, mobiles, batteries
  • Compact and normal fluorescent light globes
  • Food scraps and garden waste


Waste Audit

There are many professional organisations that can do full and comprehensive audits of all the material coming and going out of your building(s). You can search for auditors in your area on Planet Ark’s BusinessRecycling website.

However, more modest audits can also be effective. Something as simple as monitoring your waste and recycling bins can give you a clearer idea of your current situation and provide a basis for future improvements. Audits can look at energy and water use amongst other things. Our Bin Trim page could help you carry out your own audit. For NSW businesses there may also be grants and rebates available from the NSW EPA to assist you with this process.


  • Get the right team – involve key people such as facility managers, cleaners, and who is going to coordinate the review and implement outcomes
  • Don’t rush – engaging contractors and getting proper systems in place can take time, so it’s worth being thorough and doing it right to get the best resuts

Do Your Research 

The BusinessRecycling website makes it easier to recycle at work with a comprehensive list of recyclers, a checklist to help choose the right recycler, free signagecase studies, information and more.