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Unless you’re buying recycled, you’re only doing half the job. It’s all about closing the recycling loop. The more products you buy made from recycled materials the greater the environmental benefits and efficient use of natural resources. Australian made recycled products have even greater environmental benefits.

Office Paper

Buy Recycled PaperSome Australians have outdated views on the quality of recycled office paper but when more than 130 people were asked to choose between a sheet of 100% recycled Planet Ark Paper and a sheet of virgin paper, almost seven in ten were unsure or not confident to make a choice.

Choosing Australian made recycled office paper supports green jobs, keeps waste out of local landfills and reduces carbon emissions. Find out more about Planet Ark Paper.

Toilet Tissue

Buy Naturale

Toilet paper is one of the most commonly available recycled products. If every Australian home switched to recycled toilet paper in just one bathroom it would save 55,000 tonnes of paper a year, which is enough to fill more than 40 Olympic swimming pools.

Planet Ark endorses Naturale Toilet Tissue which is Australian made and FSC certified. As they say it’s soft on you and soft on nature.

Other Products

Layne Beachley

Check out our Recycled Products List for a whole world of products made from recycled materials.

And get involved in Buy It Back Day on Saturday 18 November 2017 to help celebrate National Recycling Week with mindful purchasing.