Workplace Activities

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National Recycling Week is a great opportunity to get your workplace involved in new or existing recycling programs and other sustainability initiatives. Check out the pages below for activity ideas and resources. And don't forget to let us know what you're doing for National Recycling Week by registering your workplace.

Promote Your Existing Systems

Actively promoting existing systems is a great way to encourage staff to become involved.

Join the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' & MobileMuster Collection Programs

Setting up collection stations for a range of recyclable items is an easy way to promote recycling in your workplace or to hold an environmental event.

Hold A Recycling Drive

One-off or periodic recycling events can be a good way to supplement the permanent, day-to-day recycling systems within your workplace, support a community initiative and have fun at the same time! 

Friday File Fling

Huge amounts of good quality office paper are ‘stored’ in files that will never be read again. So hold an office 'Fling' to clear out that paper and get it back in circulation and there are 20 chances to win 5 cartons of Planet Ark Paper, thanks to Australian Paper.

Buy Recycled Office Products

Buying recycled products helps close the loop and increases the environmental benefits of recycling.

Do A Review

A good place to start is to do a review of your workplace systems and to check out where you can divert waste into recycling.

Set Up New Recycling Systems

There are many materials that you can recycle in the workplace. Some will save you money, some will be cost neutral and some might come at a cost but all of them will help reduce your workplace’s impact on the environment.