What is Battery Buzz?

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Australians dispose of 270 million batteries a year. Apart from car batteries, most of these end up in landfill, which represents a waste of both valuable and rare resources. It also increases the chances of toxins getting into the environment.

Getting the Battery Buzz this National Recycling Week means individuals and businesses can find local recycling options for their used batteries as well as info on why making the switch to rechargeable batteries is good for the environment and the wallet.

About Batteries

What's the big deal about batteries? How many do we use in Australia each year? What's the difference between single-use and rechargeables?

Battery Recycling

What happens to batteries when they get recycled? What kind of recycling options are there? Find out the answers to these questions are more...


Promotional & educational resources about batteries, including why you should use rechargeables and how to recycle.

Latest Battery Research

In 2011, Planet Ark commissioned an independent study on the lead acid battery recycling of Australians. The findings are discussed in our report, 'Lead Acid Battery Use, Disposal & Recycling in Australia'.

In 2010, Planet Ark commissioned an independent study into the attitudes and behaviour of Australians towards battery use. The findings are discussed in our report, 'Battery Use, Disposal and Recycling in Australia'.