Host Your Own Swap Party

Happy clothes swapper at a Big Aussie Swap © Zo Zhou

Host your own swap! Get a group of friends or your club together to swap clothes, books and more. Our step-by-step guide and downloadable resources make it easy!

How do I host a Swap Party?

For a quick overview of the swap party concept, check out our 'Swap Party Guide' video, featuring Melissa Doyle.

We've provided two versions of a 'How-To Guide' explaining how to host a Swap Party:

Councils/Community Groups - Register your Swap!

Councils: If you're a hosting a public Swap Party, register it to make it easier for people to find you! Simply use your Recycling Near You login.

Community groups: You can sign up for a login to list your event publically. 

Signs to use on the day (for anyone to use)

Check out our event resources page, including an adaptable invitation, event signage and swap tokens. You can use these even if you are not a council.