Tetra Pak

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Tetra Pak is a leading maker of cartons for milk, juice and other liquid foods used world wide. The key component in each carton they produce is specialised cardboard which, like all paper, is recyclable and is indeed widely recycled around the world.

Already in Australia the equivalent of one in every five milk and juice cartons is collected for recycling - that's roughly 50% more than in 2003. Tetra Pak aims to double the global recycling rate of Tetra Pak liquid paperboard products by 2020.  Tetra Pak sees their support of National Recycling Week as having a key role in their campaign to reach this target.

Here in Australia most used cartons are collected for recycling along with other waste paper in local council recycling bins. From there, they are sent for recycling into new paper-based products.

Most local councils around Australia already include used milk and juice cartons in their regular recyclables collection. Search on RecyclingNearYou  to see if your council collects milk and juice cartons.

At Tetra Pak, support for recycling is just one way they demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment. To learn more about Tetra Pak's range of environmental initiatives, visit tetrapak.com.au.