Blackmores products with the Australian Recycling Label

Blackmores factory

Blackmores has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability stemming from the vision of founder, Maurice Blackmore, who had views on recycling that were ahead of his time. Maurice Blackmore understood the link between healthy people and a healthy planet, which is still core to who we are today.

In 2014 Blackmores received the ‘High Performer’ accolade from the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) for reducing the environmental impact of packaging. As a founding signatory to the APC, Blackmores actively explores ways to reduce the environmental impact of product packaging, increase recycling rates and develop innovative sustainable packaging solutions. 

The majority of our products are packaged in glass or, for larger bottles, a lighter, more durable recyclable polypropylene pack. Our new ‘closed loop’ process has removed more than 60 tonnes of cardboard and plastic waste from our supply chain, as well as reduced handling times and waste removal costs and increased operational efficiencies.

Blackmores is now proud to be one of the first companies to adopt the Australian Recycling Label.