Aims & Objectives

The overall aim for National Recycling Week is:

  • To increase the environmental benefits, including greater tonnage and less contamination, of kerbside, industrial and community recycling programs. 

The measurable objectives used to achieve this aim are:

  • To engage students in learning about the environmental benefits of recycling, through the Schools Recycle Right Challenge.
  • To increase the number of businesses/workplaces involved in recycling, principally through the promotion of the Friday File Fling.
  • To promote community re-use and recycling initiatives, principally through the promotion of council, school and workplace-based Swap Parties. (For more information see the Big Aussie Swap pages.)
  • To improve understanding of kerbside recycling (Test your knowledge with the Recycle Right Quiz and learn more with the Recycling Info pages).
  • To increase access to accurate recycling information through the RecyclingNearYou Website and Hotline, as well as the NRW website.