Pile of e-waste

E-waste is any used electronic equipment that requires electric currents or electromagnetic fields in order to function and that has reached the end of its useful life. 

The Problem

In 2011-12, an estimated 29 million televisions and computers across Australia reached their end-of-life, with only around 10% of these likely to have been recycled.

  • The inappropriate disposal of unwanted televisions, computers and other e-waste is a problem not only for the environment but also for human health due to the hazardous materials they contain.
  • Televisions and computers also contain valuable non-renewable resources like gold, steel, copper, zinc and aluminium. When electrical items are sent to landfill or recycled incorrectly, these resources are wasted, along with the water, oil and energy required to produce them.

The Revolution

Following the introduction of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme manufacturers that make and/or import televisions and computers must pay for the recycling of these products at the end of their life. 

  • The Scheme requires importers and manufacturers to join and fund industry-run arrangements, such as the not-for-profit organisation TechCollect, to establish recycling drop off points around Australia.
  • 40,000 tonnes of televisions, computers and computer products were recycled under the scheme in 2012-13; nearly double the volume of the years before.

Join the Revolution! 

recycle tvs recycle computers

  • Recycle your old televisions, computers and computer accessories for FREE using the free National Television and Recycling Scheme industry arrangements, such as TechCollect . Visit Planet Ark's RecyclingNearYou to find a local drop off site.
  • Small to medium businesses can use the Scheme arrangements, like TechCollect, to recycle their old televisions and computers. For more information, locations and other options visit Planet Ark's BusinessRecycling.

You can download the full Recycling Revolution Report below.

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