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  • NRW 2015 News Grab 4 - James Treble ( 1.73MB wav file)
    Recycling and composting create 3 times as many jobs as are created in sending the same amount of waste to landfill. Recycling is good for the planet as well as for the economy.
  • NRW 2015 News Grab 6 - James Treble ( 2.44MB wav file)
    The kerbside recycling rate in Australia is currently 51%, with the volume of waste continuing to grow - but we can do even better. Each of us plays an important role, as our habits impact on the success of the whole recycling system.
  • NRW 2015 News Grab 5 - James Treble ( 2.34MB wav file)
    A study of almost 24,000 people across 27 countries found a positive relationship between recycling and life satisfaction. Recycling is a simple action that makes people feel like they are doing the 'right thing'.
  • NRW 2015 News Grab 3 - James Treble ( 2.06MB wav file)
    One of the many benefits of recycling is that reduces the need to extract raw materials from the planet. A great example of this is that 75% of all of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today.
  • NRW 2015 News Grab 2 - James Treble ( 2.23MB wav file)
    Despite a persistent myth that recycling ends up in landfill, it's just not economic for councils or waste companies to collect recycling then throw it away. Landfill levies and other costs make it too expensive.
  • NRW 2015 News Grab 1 - James Treble ( 1.79MB wav file)
    Nine out of ten councils say that putting recycling in plastic bags is the number one mistake made by their residents. Recyclables in a plastic bag can't be sorted and end up in landfill.