NRW Promotional Resources

Download this year's A3 Poster here © Claire Grant

Download this year's A3 Poster here

We have developed a range of resources to help councils promote National Recycling Week messages, events and activities to your residents.  Feel free to adapt these resources for your community and to display them where ever they have a positive effect.

Adaptable Media Releases

NRW 2016 Poster

Educational Posters


Recycling photos

Social Media tips  

  1. Send us any interesting facts or images that we can post about on our I Heart Recycling facebook page, and like us to receive recycling updates
  2. Tag the I Heart Recycling facebook page when you tell your fans/followers about your support, hashtag #NationalRecyclingWeek, tag @PlanetArk in your tweets and @ourplanetark in your Instagram posts.

For example:

  • We're proud to support #NationalRecyclingWeek 2016, 7-13 November. Want some inspiration? Like @IHeartRecycling for great recycling ideas and news
  • We're proud to support #NationalRecyclingWeek 2016, 7-13 November. Find out how you can get involved at work, school and in the community at