Planning Your NRW

Council Activity Guide click to download © Claire Grant

Council Activity Guide click to download

Councils have always played a central role in Planet Ark's National Recycling Week, providing much of the community-level recycling education and services.

For National Recycling Week (13 -19 November 2017), we are developing a resource titled, ‘What Goes Around: Why buying Recycled Matters’ and focusses on what recycling gets turned into, the idea that we’re surrounded by products made from recycled materials and encouraging consumers and businesses to buy the materials they recycle back to close the recycling loop. It will include results of the council survey undertaken recently.

To help you organise your own council events we have developed the Council Activity Guide with ideas from councils around the country. Each activity listed includes information to help you propose, plan and run it, along with comments from the contributing council.

Download the Council Activity Guide.

Activities could include:

  • MRF or facility tours
  • Workshops
  • Community stalls
  • PR, media and advertising (Planet Ark will provide adaptable resources to assist with this)
  • Get involved in Buy It Back Day
  • Hosting a workplace or public Swap Party
  • Holding a Friday File Fling in the office
  • Download the guide for other ideas

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