Community Resources

Download this year's A3 Poster here © Claire Grant

Download this year's A3 Poster here

Councils and community groups have always played a central role in Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week (NRW). Both provide much of the on-the-ground, community-level recycling education and services, making them a fundamental element in the success of NRW.

Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling

Check out our new Golden Rules - developed based on feedback from council waste educators around Australia. We have developed individual graphics as well as an A3 poster you can share with residents.

Research Report Coming Soon

For NRW 2016, we are developing a research report titled, So You Think You Can Recycle? which asks Australians to reflect on whether they are doing all they can. It will include results of the council survey undertaken recently.

Planet Ark have developed resources to assist with planning, implementing and promoting NRW activities in your area. The activities are based on NRW events that Councils and community groups have found to be successful, popular and easy-to-run.

Councils Toolkit

Planet Ark developed free resources to help councils promote the answers to the BIG recycling questions to residents for National Recycling Week 2015.

The resources for the 2016 theme, 'So You Think You Can Recycle?', will be available shortly. 

Planning Your NRW

To help you organise your own council events we have developed the Council Activity Guide with ideas from councils around the country.

Big Aussie Swap

To celebrate National Recycling Week Planet Ark is inviting council and community groups to participate in the Big Aussie Swap by hosting a public Swap Party. This is a unique, nation-wide opportunity for local governments to show their ongoing commitment to raising the profile of reuse and recycling initiatives.


Fun activities are a great way for kids to learn how to Recycle Right and the environmental benefits that follow. Kids have a powerful influence over the recycling habits of a household. Educating them early is likely to have an impact on the entire household.

NRW Promotional Resources

Resources to assist Councils and community groups promote their National Recycling Week activities.


Councils have always played a central role in Planet Ark's National Recycling Week (NRW). Planet Ark works with our sponsors to develop resources and generate media that promotes recycling generally and the aims of National Recycling Week specifically.