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Did you know that even the carpet underlay in your workplace can be recycled? Dunlop Flooring developed its own underlay recycling program, Recycle by Dunlop. Participating retailers collect old or discarded foam underlay, together with off-cuts and trims sent back to them, and deliver all of this to Dunlop Flooring. Here it is cleaned, sorted, and ultimately recycled into new reusable underlay. This brand new recycled Dunlop underlay is then passed on to the retailer, who in turn provides to your home for installation under your carpet

As Australia's largest recycler of polyurethane foam, Dunlop Flooring processes in excess of 10,000 tonnes of foam per year, that's enough foam to fill the MCG which normally would be sent to landfill. It is estimated that over the past five years, the program has saved 16,848 tonnes of carbon dioxide (equivalent to the emissions from 42,924 vehicles) from entering the atmosphere. In recognition of these achievements, Recycle by Dunlop won the Waste Minimisation Award in the 2013 Banksia Sustainability Awards.

Dunlop Flooring is committed to playing our part in reducing landfill and our overall impact on the environment. We recycle carpet underlay, and use recycled content within our underlay products. Dunlop underlays are made of 90% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, which means choosing Dunlop helps leave a lighter footprint.

Flooring Xtra stores actively support the Recycle by Dunlop program and are committed to eco-friendly thinking and actively support green initiatives like Planet Ark's National Recycling Week.