National Recycling Week Evaluation

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Click to download the report

National Recycling Week 2015 achieved impressive results in a range of areas, bringing a national focus to recycling and the broader themes of minimising waste and sustainable resource use. The All Sorted - Answering the Big Recycling Questions report continued Planet Ark's research into new recycling initiatives, addressing some of the major waste issues and promoting behaviour change at home and in workplaces. 

Some of the fantastic outcomes include:

  • The largest ever Friday File Fling held involving over 6,500 individuals and 120 workplaces which together recycled  40 tonnes of paper resulting in savings of over 26,900 kg of CO2 equivalent, over 14,800 litres of water and over 29 million hours worth of energy for a 20W CFL bulb;
  • Engaging over 10,000 school students to learn about the environmental benefits of recycling;
  • Achieving large increases in its cumulative audience and social media reach with over 28 million for the campaign;
  • An overwhelmingly positive response for Planet Ark's resources (83,000 downloads) by councils, schools and the public from around the country. 

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