Parliamentarians Promotional Resources

Download the plastic bags poster

Download the plastic bags poster

Download the official NRW A3 poster © Claire Grant

Download the official NRW A3 poster

To make it as easy as possible to promote National Recycling Week 2016 to your constituents, staff and colleagues, we have developed a range of promotional resources for you to use.

Adaptable Media Release

This year, our media initiatives will be focused on our brand new report, So You Think You Can Recycle? Our ready-to-use adaptable media release is available for download here.

Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling

We have developed the Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling individual graphics as well as an A3 poster that you can share with constituents. It's based on feedback from council waste educators around Australia. 

Research Report

For NRW 2016, we have developed a research report titled, So You Think You Can Recycle? which challenges Australians to find out how good a recycler they really are.

Photo Gallery

A range of up-to-date photos for National Recycling Week 2016 are available for download from the Photo Gallery.

Campaign Logos

To assist parliamentarians in promoting recycling, Planet Ark has made available the National Recycling Week logo. A zip file, with multiple file formats, is available for download here.  

If you do use the logo, we'd really appreciate you sending us a copy of any promotions or resources you use the logo for. Wherever possible we like to keep these for our records. If you have an questions feel free to contact us on 02 8484 7200 or at

Adaptable Email

The below email can be used to help us promote National Recycling Week to your constituents, staff and colleagues. Simply cut and paste the text below and hit send!

Help Celebrate National Recycling Week 2016

[Insert Parliamentarian name and title] and Planet Ark are encouraging Australians to find out how good a recycler they really are for National Recycling Week.

"Recycling not only helps the planet but is good for people and profits too," says [Insert Parliamentarian name and title]. "It is a constantly evolving industry, but a vital stage in the chain is the very first one – us - so [Insert electorate] residents can follow a few simple steps to help improve our recovery of these materials."

Visit or call the National Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712 to discover the many ways you can get involved in Planet Ark's National Recycling Week events and initiatives, whether at home, school or work.

National Recycling Week is kindly supported by Major Sponsor Naturale Tissue Products, Associate Sponsors Australian Packaging Covenant, Bingo Bins and ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' and Supporting Sponsors Australian Paper, FlooringXtra and MobileMuster.

Social Media Tips  

  1. Use our new Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling individual graphics on social media during National Recycling Week.
  2. Send us any interesting facts or images that we can post about on our I Heart Recycling facebook page, and like us to receive recycling updates
  3. Tag I Heart Recycling on Facebook, @PlanetArk on Twitter or @ourplanetark on Instagram and #NationalRecyclingWeek when you tell your fans/followers about your support.

For example:

  • Facebook: We're proud to support Planet Ark's #NationalRecyclingWeek 2016, 7-13 November. Want some inspiration? Like @I Heart Recycling for great recycling ideas and news
  • Twitter: Proud to support @PlanetArk's #NationalRecyclingWeek 7-13 Nov. Find out how u can get involved @ home, work & school